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Transportation Bid Questions

Transportation Bid Questions

1. Do you want OPIS low or OPIS average pricing with the markup? 
Answer: As per specifications: The basis for the bid is daily OPIS plus bid amount. The bid amount will be the amount over the OPIS pricing. For all bidders OPIS pricing will be the same based on the daily price on the day of purchase. The actual bid is the premium above OPIS we will be required to pay.

2. Do you want proof of insurance submitted with the bid, or after the award? 
Answer:  Yes, we will need proof of insurance with bid.

3. Do we need to submit a bid bond since there technically isn't a dollar amount proposed? 
Answer: Yes, you will need a bid bond as per service specifications.

4. Can we make those bid bonds for $500.00 since we don't know the true price this contract will be. 
Answer:  As per specifications: Alabama Bid Law requires a bid bond for contracts which will total $10,000 or more. The bond must be included with your bid. The bond and or check must be 5% of your bid proposal.  (diesel estimate 160,000 gal.)