Moby Max Instructions

Moby Max Instructions for Home Use

Click on gold sign in tab on right side of screen
Click login as student--If it is your first time logging in from a new device, you will have to type in the school name. There is not a school code. Type in Webb and our school will pop up. Just click on it and it will take you to the student login screen.
Now you will see the assignment screen. On the top you will see several icons:
The books icon will take them to all subjects.
Just click on subject and get started working on individualized lessons
The Assignment icon will take them to specific assignments.
This is where students can access any assignments made by their teacher.
The balloon icon will take them to their rewards.
Check frequently to see your rewards.
The chalkboard icon will take them to their messages.
The message allows students to have communication with their teacher.
The glasses icon will take them to personalize their Moby Page.

K-1 suggested subjects: Remember, these can be found under the books icon.
math, fact fluency, numbers, alphabet letters, alphabet sounds, phonics blending, sight words, foundational reading, reading level assessment
2-6 suggested subjects:
math, fact fluency, foundational reading, reading stories, reading level assessment, reading skills informational, reading skills literature, language, science, social studies

The more students work on skills, the more game time they earn!
This is a great way to keep your students active in all subject areas until the start of next school year!!!