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Summer School 2021

Houston County Schools

Summer School 2021 


Houston County Schools will be offering a virtual summer school this summer. A student can recover a course that they failed in the past, take a course to catch up on credits to graduate with their cohort, take an elective course, or take a refresher course (a course already taken, but would like additional practice. A refresher course would receive no extra credit for the course.) All courses will be virtual using the Edgenuity platform. Students will not report to their home school to complete courses; they will complete courses from home. 


A student can take a maximum of two courses. If two courses are requested, the students would be assigned the two courses to start on June 3, 2021 and must be completed by July 28, 2021. If a student requests only one course, then the course can be assigned on June 3rd or July 1st. If the one course is assigned on June 3rd, then the course  must be completed by June 30, 2021. If the one course is assigned on July 1st, then the course must be completed by July 28, 2021. 


There will be a $100 fee for each course taken. The fee must accompany the student’s registration form. The form and fee payment can be dropped off at your local school. Checks can also be made out to your local school (ex. Wicksburg High School).  The deadline for turning in the Summer School registration form and fee payment is June 1, 2021.


Courses Available:



English Language Arts 6 

English Language Arts 7 

English Language Arts 8 

English Language Arts 9  

English Language Arts 10 

English Language Arts 11 

English Language Arts 12 


Mathematics 6 

Mathematics 7  

Mathematics 8 

Algebra I with Probability 

Geometry with Data Analysis 

Algebra II with Statistics 

Mathematical Models with Applications 

Algebra with Finance

Algebraic Connections 


Science 6 

Science 7 

Science 8 

Physical Science


Earth and Space Science 

Environmental Science 


Grade 6 U.S. Studies: The Industrial Revolution to the Present 

Grade 7 Civics and Geography (semester classes)

Grade 8 World History I to 1500

Grade 9 World History II 1500 to the Present 

Grade 10 U.S. History I: Beginnings to the Industrial Revolution 

Grade 11 U.S. History II: The Industrial Revolution to the Present World  

Grade 12 Economics and  U.S. Government (0.5 credit each)



ACT® WorkKeys

ASVAB® (Math, Verbal, Science) 


Spanish I 

Spanish II 

Spanish III

 French I 

French II 

French III 

Chinese I 

Chinese II 

German I 

German II 

Latin I 

Latin II 


Art History I 

Beginning Kinesiology 

Contemporary Health 

Introduction to Art 

Introduction to Computer Science 

Keyboarding and Applications 

Online Learning & Digital Citizenship

Personal Finance




Career Preparedness 

Food Products and Processing Systems

Plant Systems

Construction Careers

Introduction to Careers in Architecture & Construction

Fundamentals of Digital Media 

Introduction to Careers in Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

Keyboarding and Applications

Small Business Entrepreneurship 

Technology and Business 

Introduction to Careers in Education & Training

Banking Services Careers

Introduction to Careers in Finance

Introduction to Careers in Government and Public Administration

Careers in Allied Health

Introduction to Careers in the Health Sciences

Pharmacy Technician

Physicians, Pharmacists, Dentists, Veterinarians and Other Doctors

Public Health: Discovering the Big Picture in Health Care

Food Safety and Sanitation

Sustainable Service Management for Hospitality & Tourism

Transportation and Tours for the Traveler

Personal Care Services

Fundamentals of Computer Systems

Introduction to Coding

New Applications: Web Development in the 21st Century

Software Development Tools

Corrections: Policies and Procedures

Forensics: Using Science to Solve a Mystery

Security and Protective Services

Careers in Marketing Research

Engineering and Design

Introduction to STEM

Science and Mathematics in the Real World

Scientific Discovery and Development

STEM and Problem Solving

Careers in Logistics Planning and Management Services

Introduction to Careers in Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

Please click on link below to print and return to local school with payment: 
Houston County Summer School Registration Form 2021