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Greetings Counselors!
I hope this email finds you well amid all the uncertainty of this time in our lives. For those of you that I haven't had the opportunity to meet yet, my name is Ashley Gresko, and I'm the Choral Director at Wallace Community College- Dothan Campus.
As the Choral Director I'm the person who has the power to wield vocal scholarships and offer them to incoming Wallace Students! I'd like some of these full and half tuition scholarships to go to YOUR students! 🙂
I'll be honest, it's been a difficult recruitment season due to the constraints of COVID 19, so I need your help reaching out to prospective students in our service area. 
Firstly, I want to address a wide misconception about students who get vocal scholarships. "Only students from schools with Choir Programs have the experience to earn a scholarship"
Certainly experience helps in the audition room, but many many of our singers come from schools that don't have choral programs and they have no formal training. That is why it's important to reach EVERY student, not just the ones in choir or band (although those are great places to start!)
So, will ya'll help me reach these students? Please let me know what I can do to help make this happen!
I'm including a bunch of links below about our program, some videos of students talking about the experience, and even the form that I'm using to collect audition videos now that we're doing them remotely.  
If you would be willing to confirm that you received this email, just for my records, that would be so wonderful and I would appreciate it very much! Thank you for all you do!
Ashley Gresko


Ashley D. Gresko

Choral Music

Wallace Community College

Dothan, Alabama

EXT: 2277