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        The Houston County Career and Technical Center was established in 1977 in Ashford, AL.  It was created to develop the talents and skills of students in classroom settings that are rigorous, progressive, and certified to international standards, and allows students the opportunity to explore career options and earn advanced diplomas, industry certifications, and college credit.

         In October of 2016, the CTC was renamed the Houston County Career Academy and officially moved from Ashford into the old Sears retail building (now completely renovated from floor to ceiling) in downtown Dothan, a more central location to better serve all Houston County Schools. This larger facility allows our teachers more room to operate their classrooms and have set "instruction" and "practice" spaces, and also allows for future growth and enrollment.
        We are pleased to be able to offer a myriad of career technical programs for our students, as well as several dual enrollment classes.  Whether a student chooses to go to college, trade school, or into the workforce after high school, we are confident that they will be successful. After all, "you can go anywhere from here."


         HCCA Main Entrance

      HCS Mission Statement


        Houston County Schools, believing that our children are our future, commit to a partnership with stakeholders, to provide safe, caring learning environments that encourage each student to achieve to his or her full potential.


        • A school community should be a safe and caring environment that promotes respect, self-worth, creativity, and academic growth.
        • All stakeholders should work collaboratively.
        • Education must be responsive to the diversity of our students.
        • A school community should foster the intellectual, emotional, and physical well-being of each student.
        • Education should be celebrated as a lifelong process that fosters personal growth.
        • Essential components of learning are innovation, risk-taking, and challenging students' limits.

      Contact Us

      • Houston County Career Academy
        662 West Main Street
        Dothan, AL 36301

        P: 334-673-3180
        F: 334-899-8845

        Director: Dr. Christ Kennedy
        Assistant Principal: Niki Apida

      Grading Scale

      • The Houston County Career Academy teachers & staff follow the grading scale below:

        HCCA Grading Scale
        A: 90-100
        B: 80-89
        C: 70-79
        D: 65-69
        F: 64 & below