• Who needs to complete the Houston County Schools Enrollment Forms?

    • Students who will be attending a Houston County School for the first time
    • Students new to the district (they have recently moved into the district or previously attended a private school or home-school)

    Complete New Student Registration

    You will need to provide the following:  This paperwork can be picked up at the local school:

    • Houston County Schools Enrollment Requirements The following documents are required before a student may be enrolled.

    • Provided by Parent or Guardian: 

      • Alabama Immunization Record (If you are coming from another state you must obtain an Alabama form from the Houston County Health Department)
      • Official Birth Certificate 
      • Social Security Card (Voluntary) 
      • Proof of Residence (A utility bill or copy of change address from the post office is required 
      • Guardianship Records: (Only for students living with someone other than a parent.) Proof of legal guardianship is required by law for all students living with anyone other than a parent. 

      Provided by Houston County Schools: 

      • Alabama Application for Student Enrollment 
      • Cafeteria Sheet  
      • Home Language Survey 
      • Bus Registration Form  
      • Residency Questionnaire 
      • Special Services Information 
      • Ethnicity and Race Questionnaire 
      • Alabama State Department of Education Employment Survey
      • Health Assessment Record-Must be completed with or without a medical condition 
      • Code of Conduct Handbook-Signature page REQUIRED by parent and student  
      • Houston County Schools Handbook-Signature page REQUIRED by parent and student
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