• Summer Driver's Education Announcements:

    No information for 2022 Summer Driver's Ed classes is available at this time.  Typically we will know more about when classes start and when registration will open up around mid-to-late March.  Please check back, as we will keep this page updated as accurately as possible, and thank you for your interest in our Driver's Ed program.


    Please see the bullet points below for more information regarding the registration process, class procedures, and gold card tips.


  • Registration Information

    • Registration is not open at this time. When registration is opened, we will update this section with more information.
  • Class Information

    • Students will meet at HCCA the first 5 days of the class from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm. Once the initial classroom days are completed, students will only be required to return to campus 2-3 days the remainder of the month. These days are considered "driving days" and will be assigned by the instructor by the end of the fifth classroom day.
    • Students are responsible for making arrangements for/or bringing lunch/snack each day. 


    Picture of a Student Driver Car

  • Gold Card Information

    • Students no longer receive a paper gold card, as the state has adapted an online/virtual god card instead. 
    • If/when the driver skills test is passed, the student can either go online to renew their license or go to the State Trooper's office. However, it will have to be on a week day and may take 24-48 hours AFTER the student's birthday for the information to be updated into the system. This simply means that, due to the new online system, most students are not recognized by the state to receive their driver's license until the day after their 16th birthday, or that their information will still show a "y" restriction. In order to receive their license, the "y" restriction will need to be removed by the state.
    • Steps to see if the "y" restriction is lifted and license is ready to print (or system is up to date at the Trooper's office):
      • Go to alea.gov
      • Click "Renew License"
      • Enter all information and submit
      • Make sure "y" restriction is gone
      • If "y" restriction is gone, then the system is up to date, and you can print your new dirver's license OR go to the State Trooper's office to get it. HOWEVER, if the "y" restriction is still listed, their system has not been updated and it may take 24-48 hours to be lifted, so keep checking. 
Last Modified on September 1, 2021