• “You MOVE, You MASK”

    Students of Houston County Schools


    Several have expressed their concerns about wearing masks all day in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grade.  While some teachers appreciate this rule, all recognize the issues in “maintaining” the masks for the entire day with this young population.  With this thought in mind, this will be the revised approach regarding masks for the students of Houston County Schools:


    • ALL students (PreK-12) are required to wear masks while riding a bus.


    • ALL students (PreK-12) are required to wear masks when entering and departing school.*


    • ALL students (PreK-12) are required to wear mask while transitioning to and from their classroom.*


    • ALL students (2nd – 12th) grade will continue to wear masks while on campus as stated in our original plan. There are no changes in our plan for 2nd – 12th*


    • Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grade ONLY: “You MOVE, You MASK” as stated above. 


    • However, while inside your classroom, your TEACHER may use his/her discretion regarding the continual wearing of masks.  Due to personal health issues or concerns, the teacher may or may not require that his/her students continue to wear their masks while within their classroom.



    * Students will be required to wear a mask as stated above; unless medical documentation is provided