Degrees and Certifications:

Troy University Bachelors of Science in Education- English Language Arts University of West Alabama Masters in Instructional Leadership/Administration

Mrs. Brittany Wheelus

About Mrs. Wheelus 

I was born and raised in Southeast Alabama. I attended Dothan City Schools as well as Houston County Schools. In 2006, two years after graduating high school, I married my husband of almost 14 years currently. While working for the Houston County Board of Education’s district office as an aide, I attended Troy University where I later obtained my Bachelor’s of Science in English Language Arts. While obtaining my degree, I eventually transitioned into a para professional position. I had the opportunity to work at various schools and in various grades while employed as a para professional. Due to some complications with a pregnancy, it took me a little longer than normal to earn my bachelors’s. I currently have 14 years of experience with Houston County Schools; seven years as a para professional and seven years as a middle school English-Language Arts teacher. In addition, I have also sponsored Key Club, Beta Club, and coached JV Cheer. I am advancing my career and pursuing a degree in Instructional Leadership. I lack one class in order to complete the program. 


At this point, I am not sure if I will be back with you or if Mrs. Hill will actually navigate your courses; however, I am preparing just in case. I am so sad that you will not be able to finish out your sixth grade year on the campus of AHS; however, school is not over. We are going to figure out how to navigate online learning/paper handouts. UPDATE: 4/7/2020 -- I will be with you all the remainder of the year. 

I know that we will figure this out and you all will gain the knowledge you need. At this point, we hope to have a plan of action prepared by April 6th. I will use this platform as a means for communication, help, and extra instructional support. I fully understand that not all of my students have access to technology. Those students will be taken care of. For those of you who do have access to technology, please use this to your advantage. 

I have missed every single one of you while I have been gone, and now, during these difficult times, I miss you even more.I love every single one of you, and I am praying that God will keep you and your family safe. Please stay home. Do not go to friends' houses and do not go shopping. We must do our part and stay home in order to keep everyone safe.  

Let me know if you need anything. You can email me at


I would create an email address if at all possible using gmail. 

Possible User names:

Create your own unique password and do not forget it. 

Use the link below to create an account free of charge: 

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Last Modified on April 7, 2020