Each year teachers submit names to the school counselor, who they feel hold qualities that make them stand out

    in areas of good character, integrity, and respect for fellow students and faculty.  The counselor then checks information, such

    as, attendance, grades, and discipline to determine if the student has the drive and commitment to represent the students of

    Rehobeth Middle School. Once these students have been identified, they go through an interview process with the counselor to 

    determine if they are interested in holding this position, and why they feel they would be a good representative. They are given

    information about the position and the responsibilities of the position.  A selection of five individuals will be made from the 

    group submitted to be the RMS Ambassadors.

    A Good Will Ambassador is a representative of the school who conducts himself/herself in a way that models behaviors for other

    students, and reaches out to peers in friendship and compassion.  They are to uphold all rules and policies of Rehobeth Middle 

    School.  They will introduce new enrollments to the RMS campus and help them transition.  They will report acts of bullying, 

    intimidation, and threats against students or faculty.  They are to be a kind, compassionate and responsible role model for 

    all students attending RMS.

                                                                                          2019 - 2020  RMS GOOD WILL AMBASSADORS


                                                            Segrest Bristow                      Nadia Armstrong

                                                            Cameron Jones                       David Craddock

                                                            Amari Simmons                      Kaiden Gurganus

                                                            Anna Lee Walker                     Claire Smith

                                                            Mary Margaret Wash               Mallory Webb