• Spotlight on Georgia-Pacific & HCCA's Pre-Engineering Program

     Georgia-Pacific is a vital business partner to Houston County Schools and more specifically to Houston County Career Academy.  Your contributions and support to our community are greatly appreciated.  Our partnership with GP is a great example of how business and industry can collaborate with students and schools in a community to provide opportunities they might otherwise not have. 

     Below is an example of how funds from GP are being used in our Pre-Engineering program this year.

     Funds provided by Georgia-Pacific are used to purchase materials such as VEX Robotics products for the pre-engineering program. VEX Robotics issues a challenge each school year for students to design, build, and program a robot to compete at robotics tournaments. Students use a controller to drive the robots around the field and manipulate game pieces to score points, but the bigger challenge is during the autonomous period where the robots operate without students interacting with the controller. Robots must meet certain criteria such as maximum length, width, and height but are otherwise built according to student designs – there are no kits with instructions. VEX parts include a variety of structural metal pieces, wheels, gears, chains and sprockets, motors, and sensors. Throughout several competition seasons, Houston County Career Academy students have built robots based on a variety of designs including flywheels, catapults, and scissor lifts. Depending on the design they choose to build, students gain a variety of hands-on experience during the build process, which generally includes gear ratios, sensors, programming, and operating within given constraints.

     Thanks again for all you do to help our schools. Pre-Engineering Students

Career Signing Day Slideshow

  • This slideshow highlights the students who were honored at our Career Signing Day celebration on April 30th, 2019.  We had 12 students sign with employers to begin their career after graduation. We also had 7 students receive career technical scholarships to Wallace Community College or Enterprise State Community College to further pursue their interests in a career tech related field.