• Standards-  Teach to the standards for each of the required subjects (ACCRS- Course of Study)

    Curriculum- Through a clearly articulated and locally aligned K-12 curriculum (Sample curricula

                        found on ALEX and Alabama Insight)

    Resources- Supported by aligned resources, support, and professional development (Sample

                       lesson plans and supporting resources found on ALEX, differentiated support

                       through ALSDE Regional Support Teams and ALSDE Initiatives, etc.)

    Assessment- Monitored regularly through formative, interim/benchmark assessments to inform

                       the effectiveness of instruction and continued learning needs of individuals and

                       groups of students (Global Scholar, Quality Core Benchmarks, and other locally

                       determined assessments)

    Graduate Prepared- With a goal that each student graduates from high school with the

                      knowledge and skills to succeed in post-high school education and the workforce

                      without the need for remediation as evidence by multiple measures achieved through

                      multiple pathways to meet the graduation requirements set for students in Alabama.

                      (Alabama High School Graduation Requirements/Diploma)