• Houston County Schools has what I would consider a group of top notch educators and staff to educate your children. We pride ourselves on our work ethic and creating an atmosphere that allows your child to be a person and not a number. A large percentage of our educators have children that attend our schools. This speaks volumes of the way our faculty feels about the education in this county. 

    For over twenty years, I’ve been an educator in Houston County and I am now proud to serve as the Superintendent of the system that has provided me with so many opportunities. My wife, Kristina, teaches special education in the system and our two children attend school in the system. Each school is truly part of the community and the people have pride in the local schools. I look forward to working with the citizens to make Houston County Schools a system that will be a model for others in our great state of Alabama. We hope this site is user-friendly and answers any questions you may have about our system.


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