Rehobeth Middle School


  • Dear Parents and Faculty:

    The concern for the students and parents safety who continue to avoid the car pool lines has grown to an alarming level.  The Staff has a car line procedure in place, however a large amount of parents are not using it, either parking at the Dollar General parking lot or dropping the students off in the middle of Co Road 203. 

    It is unlawful to impede the flow of traffic and to stop in the middle of the roadway. This action could lead to traffic citations. Not to mention it could lead to a horrible traffic tragedy if someone was to get hit by a passing car.  

    The solution to this problem is for everyone to use the established North and South carpool lines.

    Parking at the Dollar General is for customers ONLY and at the request of Dollar General, vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense. This will be done at the discretion of Dollar General Management.  

    This message originated from the Houston County Sheriff Office.
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