Rehobeth Middle School

  • UPDATE 4.7

    Parents and Students of Rehobeth Middle School:

    We received our final plan on Monday for how we will proceed for the remainder of the school year. Work assignments for your students will be ready on April 15th. As mentioned in an earlier post, your home room teacher will be contacting you to ask if you prefer to receive work online or by a work packet that can be picked up at the school.

     At that time (April 15th) you may pick the first of two work packets at RMS. This first work packet will contain 2 weeks of work for your student. If you selected to receive work online, your assignments will be posted on our RMS website. The paper & pencil work packet will also be posted on our website. This will eliminate the need to pick it up at school if you have the ability to print it from home, which will reduce your exposure of infection. The second packet will be available on April 29th.

    We will average the grades for the three nine weeks grading periods. This will be the final yearly average for your student. If your child is passing at this point, the work packets will be utilized for review, reinforcement, enrichment, and to keep your student engaged in learning while keeping his/her skills sharp. The work will not be graded, and you will not be required to return this work for grades. We also want to reduce the amount of work that changes hands for obvious safety and health concerns. The only work that will need to be returned to the school for grading is for students that are failing a class. This work will be used for grade recovery since there will probably not be a summer school option this year.

    The exact times and procedures for picking up work packets at RMS will be posted on our RMS site and our FB page a few days before April 15th. We will try to coordinate with RES & RHS to make is easier for you. We will also utilize our automated phone system to communicate with you. We want to do this in the safest manner possible for all involved (parents, students, and teachers).

    Rest assured that all of our teachers are working hard from home at this time to prepare meaningful work assignments for your students. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to keep everyone safe as well as insure that our students have the opportunity to keep learning through this crisis.

    Please continue to follow all guidance concerning COVID 19 during this time. Stay safe!

    We will get through this together! #rebelstrong

    Mark FairrisPrincipal
  • Houston County Schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year!

    RMS parents, this a reminder that students will not return to school for the remainder of this school year. Many have been contacted and have received school assignments for your child. In some cases teachers may not have contacted you yet. Please be patient. Also, pick up for medicine and personal belongings will be set as soon as possible so stay tuned to this page for updates. Report cards/grades also will be shared when final decisions are made. As we all know this a fluid situation. We will continue to keep you updated via schoolcasts, webpage, and RMS FB. Stay well!

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