• Vocabulary V, W, Y

    Vocabulary V, W, Y

    1. Vanquish- to conquer, defeat
    2. Vermin- small creatures offensive to humans
    3. Vex- to irritate, annoy; confuse, puzzle
    4. Vigilant- attentive, watchful
    5. Vivid- bright and intense in color; strongly perceived
    6. Weather- to endure, undergo
    7. Whet- stimulate; sharpen; intensify
    8. Woe- anguish; grief; affliction
    9. Writhe- squirm; twist
    10. Yore- time long past
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  • Vocabulary T/U words

    Vocabulary T and U Words

    1. taint- to spoil or infect; to stain honor
    2. talon- claw of an animal, especially a bird of prey
    3. terminal- depot, station
    4. terse- concise, brief, free of extra words
    5. thwart- to block or prevent from happening; frustrate
    6. tidings- news
    7. toxin- poison
    8. tumult- state of confusion; agitation
    9. unwitting- not conscious; unintentional
    10. unyielding- firm, resolute


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  • Vocabulary S

    "S" Vocabulary

    1. scoff- mock; ridicule
    2. shirk- to avoid a task due to laziness or fear
    3. skulk- to move in a stealthy or cautious manner; sneak
    4. sporadic- infrequent; irregular
    5. spurn- defy; reject
    6. squander- to waste
    7. stifle- to smother or suffocate; suppress
    8. stoic- indifferent to or unaffected by emotions
    9. surplus- excess
    10. survey- to examine in a comprehensive way


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  • Vocabulary Q, R

    Vocabulary Q and R Words

    Q and R Words


    1. Quibble- to argue or bicker
    2. Rally- to assemble OR to recover, recuperate
    3. Ramble- to meander; to roam
    4. Ratify- to approve formally; confirm
    5. Ration- to restrict consumption of
    6. Ravine- deep, narrow gorge
    7. Revoke- to annul, cancel, recall
    8. Rustic- rural;relating to the countryside; made in a plain and simple fashion


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  • Vocabulary N, O, and P

    Vocabulary N, O, and P

    1. needle- to provoke
    2. niche- suitable position in life or employment
    3. oust- to expel or eject/
    4. parole- conditional release of a prisoner/
    5. peer- contemporary; equal; match/
    6. pending- not yet decided; awaiting decision
    7. pert- lively and bold
    8. pious- devout, extremely religious
    9. pore- to study closely or meditatively
    10. portly- stout/

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  • Vocabulary M

    Vocabulary – M

    1. Malice – the desire to see others suffer; hatred, spite, or desire to do evil.
    2. Mandatory – required
    3. Martial – warlike, pertaining to the military
    4. Microbe – a microscopic organism (e.g. a bacterium that causes disease or fermentation)
    5. Minimal – the least amount possible; very little
    6. Minute (adjective) – extremely small
    7. Miserly – stingy, cheap; unwilling to share with others
    8. Monetary – relating to money
    9. Multitude – a large number (quantity) of something
    10. Mundane – ordinary, dull; lacking in interest or excitement 

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  • Vocabulary L

    Vocabulary – L


    1. Larceny – theft of property- (When a person shoplifts, that is considered larceny.)
    2. Latitude – a measure of freedom of action or thought; lines on a globe that measure distance north or south from the equator- (We weren’t given much latitude in our Beta group. New York and Madrid are near the same latitude.)
    3. Leery – cautious of someone or something suspicious (I am leery of going to the mall at night by myself.)
    4. Legible – readable , as in handwriting or printed words (Her poem was barely legible.)
    5. Lenient – Permissive, merciful, or tolerant , can refer to a person or a punishment (I am not  lenient in dealing with students not doing homework.)
    6. Literate – Able to read and write; well-read and educated (Most students are literate by third grade.)
    7. Loathe – to feel intense dislike or disgust for someone or something (Mrs. Smith loathes laziness.)
    8. Lofty – standing out above others; of imposing height (My son, who graduated third in his class, has lofty goals for himself.
    9. Lumber (verb) – move slowly and awkwardly (The cast made him lumber through the halls.)
    10. Luminary – a person who inspires or influences others, oftentimes a prominent person in their field or group; an artificial light (MLK and Jackie Robinson were luminaries.)

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  • Vocabulary J/K

    Vocabulary J, K

    1. jabber- talk in a noisy, excited manner
    2. jargon- special words or expressions used by a specific profession or group, often difficult for others to understand
    3. jostle- push, elbow, or bump against someone roughly, usually in a crowd
    4. Jovial- friendly and cheerful
    5. keen- intellectually smart, perceptive; eager or enthusiastic
    6. kernel- softer, edible part of a nut or seed, inside a shell; innermost, essential part
    7. keynote- the main idea of a speech or main speaker, etc.; the main note on which a musical key is based
    8. kindle- to set fire or ignite; to excite or inspire
    9. kin- one's family and relatives
    10. knoll- a small hill or mound


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  • Voc. I


    1. ignoramus- moron; fool; dimwit
    2. immense- enormous, huge
    3. immune- exempt; protected from harm or disease; unresponsive to
    1. impulsive- spontaneous, unpredictable
    2. inconceivable- impossible, unthinkable
    3. initiate- to begin, introduce
    4. innumerable- too many to be counted
    5. instigate- to incite, urge, to start
    6. intermittent- starting and stopping
    7. intersect- to divide by passing through or across


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  • Voc. H

    Vocabulary H


    1. Habitat- dwelling place
    2. Hectic- hasty, hurried, confused
    3. Holocaust- widespread destruction, usually by fire
    4. Hardy- robust; sturdy
    5. Humane- merciful, kindly
    6. Hymn- religious song, usually of praise or thanks
    7. Hypothesis- assumption subject to proof
    8. Hew- to cut with an ax
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