• Vocabulary C Quizlet


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  • Vocabulary C

    Vocabulary C

    1. Cadence- a marching beat
    2. Callous- thick-skinned; insensitive
    3. Caricature- exaggerated portrait; cartoon
    4. Chaotic- extremely disorderly
    5. Chortle- to chuckle
    6. Civility- courtesy; politeness
    7. Coddle- pamper; overindulge; baby; spoil
    8. Coerce- to compel by force or intimidation
    9. Coherent- intelligible; lucid; understandable
    10. Consensus- unanimity; agreement of opinion or attitude
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  • https://quizlet.com/_8qb3fj?x=1jqt&i=dh2sg


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  • Vocabulary B

    Vocabulary B

    1. Balk- to refuse, shirk
    2. Balm- soothing ointment for pain or healing; salve
    3. Ban- to forbid, outlaw
    4. Barren- arid; unproductive
    5. Belittle- humiliate; tease; diminish in importance
    6. Bellow- to roar, shout
    7. Bias- prejudice, slant
    8. Bountiful- plentiful
    9. Burly- brawny, husky
    10. Bustle- commotion, energetic activity
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  • Vocabulary A quizlet


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  • Subordinating conjunctions song

    After Unless

    Although Until

    As When 

    Because, Whenever,

    Before Where

    If Whereas

    Since Wherever

    Than While


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  • DGP Form

    DGP Form


    Monday: Identify each word as a noun (common, proper, possessive), pronoun (type, case), Verb (action, linking, helping), adverb, adjective, preposition, conjunction (coordinating, subordinating, correlative), or interjection. 


    Tuesday: Identify sentence parts including subject ( complete and simple), complete predicate, verb (transitive or intransitive), direct object, indirect object, predicate nominative, predicate adjective, appositive, appositive phrase, and prepositional phrase (adjective or adverb).


    Wednesday: identify each clause as independent or  dependent; identify the sentence type as simple, compound, or complex; and identify the sentence purpose as declarative, imperative, interrogative, or exclamatory.


    Thursday: Add capitalization and punctuation including end punctuation, commas, semicolons, apostrophes, underlining, and quotation marks.


    Friday: Fill in the diagram structure using this week’s sentence. (Hint: To start, make a cross and place the simple subject on the left and the verb on the right.)

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  • Vocabulary A

    Vocabulary A 


    1. abandon- total lack of inhibition 
    2. abridge- to shorten 
    3. acute- 1. perceptive 2. excruciating
    4.  adjacent- next to 
    5. advantageous- favorable, useful 
    6. agitation- commotion; excitement; uneasiness
    7. altercation- noisy dispute
    8. ample- abundant 
    9. antagonist- opponent 
    10. aviary- a large enclosure for birds
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  • DGP Study Guide

    Study Guide for DGP Tests

    1. What is the part of speech of each word in the sentence?
    2. What is the complete subject? The simple subject?
    3. What is the complete predicate? The simple predicate?
    4. What is the verb?
    5. Is the verb transitive or intransitive?
    6. What is the verb tense?
    7. How many clauses?
    8. What punctuation is needed?
    9. What capitalization is needed?
    10. What is the sentence type?
    11. What is the sentence purpose?
    12. Is there a direct object?
    13. Is there a predicate word?
    14. Is there a prepositional phrase? Is it adjective or adverb?
    15. What is the object of the preposition?


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    Preposition song





    ACROSS      BESIDE      UP




    AMID            BY   THROUGHOUT

    AMONG       IN        THROUGH

    AFTER         FROM   WITH

    AT                OFF WITHIN

    EXCEPT       ON        WITHOUT

    FOR              OVER   OUTSIDE

    DURING       OF       TOWARD

    DOWN          UNTIL   INSIDE

    UNTO          INTO

                         UPON TO



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