• Lawn Care Q & A

    Question: can a bidder veiw the last awarded bid documents
    Answer: yes they can be veiwed at :110 barfield st., Ashford Al
    Anytime during regular business hours
    Question: what was the amount of previous bid
    Answer : $135,772.00 yearly

    Houston County board of education's policy is to withhold 5% retainage of monies due to the awarded bidder on a monthly basis this retainage will be refunded back to the awarded bidder at the end of each contract bid year. This retainage in no way negates a bid Bond or a cashier's check for 5% of total bid to be contained in each bid packet; this is required by Alabama state law. This retainage is held to cover any lingering costs of damage caused by awarded bidder such as and not limited to, broken building windows, damage to water lines, sewer cleanouts. Because this is an educational institution any such damage must be repaired immediately and in most cases can be covered by the 5% retainage. Houston County board of education will produce any and all information if this instance should occur to awarded bidder

    Houston County board of education payment schedule:

    Each total bid amount will be divided into three equal yearly parts; each one of these parts will be divided into 12 monthly payments. Awarded bidder May then choose to be paid on a monthly or quarterly schedule.

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