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  • Rehobeth Elementary School’s ELs in Grades 2 through 5 have been engaged in a thematic unit on an entire genre of literature: fairy tales. Students first learned about the elements of a story and the specific characteristics of the genre by reading famous fairy tales as a class and individually. Each student chose a fairy tale to read and analyze on their own to deepen their understanding of the content and mechanics of the story. After they had completed this, they began an authentic writing assessment in which they would retell a classic fairy tale in their own words or write an original story that fits within the genre. Students worked through the entire writing process of writing a draft on paper, editing, rewriting, proofreading, and later typing it on the computer and selecting illustrations using the online application Storybird.com. The final step of the project called for each student to present their own story in front of their classroom peers after studying public speaking. The result is the phenomenal work featured here! We hope that these students will build on their success and continue on the path to becoming great authors and storytellers. Keep up the good work!