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  • We have some awesome students who will be creating material we post on our website and social media pages this semester.

    We want to introduce everyone in Jacket Nation to the Student Team. We hope you enjoy their daily content.

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    Homeless and EL/Migrant Liason 
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    Kristen Dial
    ALSDE Homeless Liaison 
    Cheryl Smith
    Houston County LEA Homeless Liaison
    334.792.8331 EXT: 1105
    Reyna Starling 
    Houston County EL/Migrant Liaison
    334.792.8331 EXT: 1129
    Shelley Thorpe   
    Ashford High School EL/Migrant Liaison     
    334.899.5411 EXT: 1053 
    Candy Lawrence
    Ashford High School EL/Migrant Liaison     
    334.899.5411 EXT: 1036 

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Made It Monday

  • Written by: Lorena Venegas

    Every year a class graduates and becomes Ashford High Alumni. These alumni go off into the world as adults and learn to navigate on their own. They find careers, and make a living of their own, often adding to their families as well. 

    Today, we are touching base with one of the many of Ashford High’s graduates, Wendy Jones. Mrs. Jones graduated from AHS in 1987. Her favorite teacher while she was in high school was Coach Williams, who at the time was one of the high school’s math teachers. She played volleyball in high school, which taught her the value of teamwork that she later applied to her degree in Chemical Engineering and while working together with others.  After graduating from Ashford, she studied for two years at Wallace Community College, and another 2 years at the University of Alabama.  During college, Mrs. Jones studied Chemical Engineering.  Mrs. Jones now owns W. Jones Photography here in Ashford, and is the photographer for our school.  She is married to Stephen Jones, and they have 4 children–all of which were Ashford High School graduates as well!   Advice that Wendy would give to high school students now is to enjoy their high school years and understand how important it is to study and make good grades for the next chapter in their lives ahead.

       Wendy & Stephen Jones

Teacher Tuesday

Teacher Tuesday with Mrs Buchanan

Walk-Around Campus Wednesday

  • Walk Around Campus Wednesday

    At AHS we have many electives that students can take. One popular elective here is Sociology. In Sociology Class, students study social life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior. Students investigate the structure of groups, organizations, and societies and how people interact within these contexts. 

     Coach Lawrence’s class receives a daily assignment in which they investigate how something or someone affected a community. For this students’ assignment, they were told to find who a man named Karl Marx was and how his beliefs impacted the government in Europe. 

Tips & Tricks Thursday

  • By: RaeLeigh Jordan

Frame-It Friday

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    By: RaeLeigh Jordan