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The Student Team

  • We have some awesome students who will be creating material we post on our website and social media pages this semester.

    We want to introduce everyone in Jacket Nation to the Student Team. We hope you enjoy their daily content.

    Social Media Team

We're Here To Help

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    Homeless and EL/Migrant Liason 
    Contact Information
    Kristen Dial
    ALSDE Homeless Liaison 
    Cheryl Smith
    Houston County LEA Homeless Liaison
    334.792.8331 EXT: 1105
    Reyna Starling 
    Houston County EL/Migrant Liaison
    334.792.8331 EXT: 1129
    Shelley Thorpe   
    Ashford High School EL/Migrant Liaison     
    334.899.5411 EXT: 1053 
    Candy Lawrence
    Ashford High School EL/Migrant Liaison     
    334.899.5411 EXT: 1036 

Prom 23

  • Back Art

    Below are 3 VERY IMPORTANT forms that MUST be filled out by each senior attending prom (even if you are going with another senior, you must submit your own forms).  Please pay attention to the STRICT DEADLINES for each form.  Our suggestion would be to go ahead and complete all of the forms and get them submitted so you don't forget.  
    If you have any questions, please see any senior sponsor in class or email Mrs. Helms at if you are not an "on campus" student.
    Senior Prom Information Sheet (DUE March 17)--Click this link:
    Date Approval Form (DUE March 17) --Click this link:
    Prom Shirt Order Form (DUE March 2) --Click this link: Click here-FORMS DUE ON CAMPUS BY MARCH 2 


2023-24 School Calendar

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