• Step One: Please notify your Principal (Mr. Andrews) or Assistant Principal (Dr. Stephanie Alexander)

    Step Two: Enter your leave into HCBOE by clicking this link: HCBOE Leave

    Step Three: Enter your leave into Kelly Services by clicking this link: Kelly Services

    Step Four: Make sure you have a substitue folder and assignments prepared for your absence. The substitue folder should be left on your desk with detailed instructions.

    Step Five: Complete the Professional Leave Checklist by clicking the following link: Professional Leave Checklist 

    Step Six: If your leave is for professional purposes, make sure you fill out the necessary paperwork. Please click the following link for travel, meals, and logging reimbursement forms: Professional Leave Reimbursement Paperwork


    Teachers, if you know that you will not present the next day, please let your principal know before leaving the building in the afternoon prior to the day of absence. If it is necessary to ask for a substitute in the morning, the principal should be notified by 6:30 a.m. If the principal is not available the assistant principal should be called or a person designated by the principal.