• Lunchroom Policies


    The lunchroom is a definite part of the school program. The price of a school lunch varies from year to year. Each student is responsible for carrying out instructions relative to returning to class on time after the lunch period. The classroom teacher will escort and assist in enforcing the following procedures and policies:

    1. Students have the option of paying for lunches on a daily or weekly basis.

    2. No charging for school lunches will be allowed.

    3. The lunchroom will be using the ProLunch system. Each child will be issued an ID number, which they will enter into the ProLunch computer at the cash register. The student must remember their number.

    4. Soft drinks, canned or bottled, nor any food from any food establishments, will be allowed in the lunchroom. PARENTS, PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD(REN) FOOD FROM ANY OUTSIDE FOOD ESTABLISHMENTS.

    The lunch consists of five (5) food items:

    • Meat/Meat Alternative (beans, cheese, eggs, etc.)
    • Bread/Bread Alternative (crust, crackers, noodles, etc.)
    • Two (2) or more servings of vegetables and/or fruits to make a total of ¾ cup.
    • A choice of milk (whole, low-fat, skim, white, or chocolate)

    Ala Carte consists of individually priced items. These prices will be posted.

    Offer vs. Serve

    Five items will be offered to comprise a lunch. A student may choose three (3) out of the five (5) items for a reimbursable lunch. A reimbursement lunch is one in which the government pays all or a portion of cost of one lunch per person per day. For example: Should a student choose a hamburger (meat and bread) and French fries (vegetable), he/she has selected three (3) food items and must pay the full price for the meal. If the student is served the other vegetable, fruit and/or milk, the price remains the same. A student must pay for a second portion of any one item at Ala Carte prices that will be posted.


    Breakfast & Lunch Prices


    Breakfast Lunches

    Reduced Breakfast $0.30 Reduced Lunch $0.40

    Paid Breakfast $1.25 Paid Lunch $2.00

    Adults $1.75 Adults $2.75

    Visitors $2.25 Visitors $3.25

    Note: Proper forms for free or reduced breakfast and lunch can be obtained from the lunchroom manager or front office.




    State regulations prohibit the charging of lunches to anyone in the Child Nutrition Program. All meals and extra items must be paid for at the point of service. We encourage parents to pay for their child's lunch in advance, weekly, monthly, yearly, or on a nine-week basis to ensure that there will be adequate money in the child's account. The lunchroom manager will notify the child when his/her account becomes low. Under no circumstances are adults allowed to charge lunches or extra items. The decision to allow a child to charge meals is solely the principal's decision. If a principal allows meals to be charged, it is the responsibility of the principal to reimburse the Child Nutrition Program for meal revenues lost due to charges. It is also the responsibility of the principal to collect all monies from parents for meals charged.