Business, Community, and Education Partnership
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Business, Community, and Education Partnership

The Business, Community and Education Partnership (BCEP) has now entered into its second year. In August, 2015 the second annual recognition luncheon was held at the Southeast Alabama Medical Center with over 100 partners in attendance. Accomplishments were recognized and appreciation expressed to individuals who had given so much to the Houston County School System. The Coordinators introduced their partners and reiterated the many things they had done for the school where they volunteered. The common thread mentioned by all the coordinators from each school was that they would not have accomplished many things if it had not been for their individual partners. From providing financial resources, to giving of the individual’s time to help a child accomplish a goal, the partners became a vital part of the process.   2015 has been an example of what can be done with the support of others in the community. The Partnership has been successful in providing things that the student would not have had if it were not for the partners involved. By connecting businesses and the community with education, contributions were noted and recognition given to those who are invaluable in the success of the student, the school, the school system and the community as a whole. The partnership has become a vital part of a successful educational system.

BCEP will continue to be an integral part of the county’s educational fabric connecting businesses and the community to the Houston County School System. With active involvement of the partners with the school system, resources can be utilized to further the educational quality of the schools. Groups such as retailers, manufacturers, utility companies, small businesses, financial institutions, and faith-based and civic organizations will continue to initiate activities that encourage students, enrich their educational experiences, and connect them to the world of work.

BCEP coordinators have been appointed in each individual school and are looking forward to working with the partners to find the best match for them. Would you consider being a partner? If so, you may either contact the school in which you would like to be involved, or contact the Central Office at 334-792-8331. Upon receiving your call, the coordinator from that school or I will be notified and will return your call to set up an appointment. You may also e-mail me at wells.ann@hcboe.us. An application can be downloaded from this website if you wish to fill it out and mail, or drop it by the school of your choice.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.



Ann M. Wells, Coordinator

Business, Community, and Education Partnership